With Madrid and Barcelona making it on the list of the Top 15 Biggest Startup Cities in Europe and publications reporting overall growth of 28% for 2015, we decided to turn our focus to the Spanish startup ecosystem. Several factors foster the development of the Spanish startups such as increasingly more active investors and more engaged and interactive startup community.


In the meantime, Spanish startup enthusiasts can benefit from over 100 startup incubators and nearly as many accelerator programs. Even though the Spanish startup industry is still lagging behind some other European startup ecosystems, we think there are some interesting companies that deserve to get attention.

Why these companies?

Compared to 200 other startups, these companies displayed
exceptional performance on important success factors – strength of the team, size of the opportunity, competitive environment, etc. – while not being on the radar of investors and media websites.

Most competitions are biased towards companies that reached the largest number of milestones. While being quite common, we tried to avoid this bias, and reward companies on abnormal performance in peer groups based on sector, size and development stage.

The List – Top 10 Spanish Undiscovered Startups

So here it is, the top 10 undiscovered startups from Spain:

1| TokApp

TokApp School is a cloud-based,mobile messaging app, which facilitates communication between schools and students/parents more effectively, safely and economically using instant messaging
IM. Schools have a secure tool to manage communications and parents have an App to receive them.

2| The Wonder Trip

The Wonder Trips wants people to travel in a different way. It provides with travel packages to get away for a weekend to a European city for an affordable fixed price. Why innovative? Travellers don’t know where in Europe they are going to until 48 hours before departure.

3| Wavier

Bring your favorite music artist to your city. Wavier is transforming the live music industry in Europe by making the dream of many people come true.

4| Smartick

Smartick, back in 2011, launched a disruptive on-line math e-Learning method, which is shaking up the current learning paradigm. Based on daily sessions (15 min/day) and real-time adaptive content to each student according to their individual capabilities, enabling individualized learning with a special focus on problem solving skills from the early ages.

5| Samyroad

SamyRoad is a real-time digital platform and iOS&Android app targeted to digital creators. 5 SamyRoad is “a spotlight for rising creators” providing a variety of benefits from portfolio storage to connections to brands for monetization. As of today, SamyRoad has 30k validated creators on their platform. This community and the insights garnered from this community have allowed SamyRoad to build a robust brand business.

6| Pentagrom

Pentagrom is an app that helps music students practice in a much more efficient way, by giving the user real-time visual and auditory feedback of every note they play (or sing) as they play. Therefore, the user will start learning by association, instead of only repetition. Any instrument, any key signature, any clef.

7| Starting Legal

Starting Legal can help you create your own contracts or legal documents from any device, sign them and invite all the parties to sign with plenty legal validity. Different contracts are available depending on the stage your startups is: seed, growth, expansion and exit.

8| Workkola

Workkola is a project-based platform that helps early-stage and growth-stage startups find and attract talent by connecting higher-end students looking for experiential learning, reputation and job opportunities with startups that need temporary labor or seeking talented team members. workkola.com

9| Playgiga

PlayGiga is a technological and editorial platform aiming to lead the Cloud Gaming arena by developing a unique hybrid baremetal-virtualization technology to enable direct injection, adaptation and real time game control, essential to provide value added services without source code modification.

10| iomando

iomando is the solution to open doors with your 10 mobile phone and forget the remote control.

About Equidam

Equidam is the leading online valuation platform worldwide. More than 10.000 companies in 78 countries use Equidam to calculate, display and negotiate their valuation. Its algorithm combines the most used 5 valuation methods and benchmarks information with aggregated data across several industries to provide accurate valuations at 1/10 the time of a standard valuation service.

Recommend a startup

Do you know any European startup that should be part of this or the next lists? Let them know! Maybe on twitter with #discovered #startups!

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